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Milf toons, variations of regular MILF

The acronym MILF was popularized by the American movie, American Pie (1999) and it means “Mom I’d Like to Fuck”. In the movie, Stifler’s mom is described as such. The term is normally used to talk about sexually attractive women between 40 and 55 years old, usually with big breast and a fit body. On the porn industry the term is a widely recognized sub-category, along with its male counterpart: DILF (Dad I’d Like to Fuck). As a matter of fact, the Porn Awards give every year the recognition to a popular porn actress as “MILF of the Year”. A MILF is different from “a cougar”, which is just a woman who seeks for lovers who are 20 or 30 years younger than her. Some real life MILFs are Sofia Vergara, Pamela Anderson, and Penelope Cruz.

Popular TV shows have constantly represented MILFs and cougars. How I Met Your Mother, an American series, dedicated a whole episode to this matter. Today it is fairly common to hear, not only teenagers, but everyone referring to sexy mature women as “MILFs”. Of course, the extent of this term could do nothing but to grow into other areas, and other subcategories of porn. A MILF toon (also found without the capital letters and without a space), for example, is a MILF that appears on porn comics or animated series.

Japanese and Western milftoon comics

Characters that can be considered milftoons are pretty much the same of the real life women that can be considered conventional MILFs. However, Japanese milftoon comics can depict them as a little younger of their western counterparts. Probably because women in Japan marry at younger ages, and become moms earlier on their lives, too.

Let’s take as an example “Mom Son Destiny” (the name of one of the many Japanese milftoon comics), that shows a woman that by any standard would be considered a MILF, but her age is barely 36. Sometimes, it is difficult to determine if any Japanese “Housewife” porn comic would be considered a milftoon comic, mostly because of the age limitation set to the term.

But not only original characters fall into the category of milf toons, neither for Japanese nor for Westerns. For most people, characters of popular anime series milftoons are very common, too. Older Milk and Bulma, from Dragon Ball Z; Tsunade, from Naruto; Izumi, from Fulmetal Alchemist, Yasuo Takasu, from Toradora, Delia Ketchum, from Pokemon… These are some of the long list of characters considered milf toons. And therefore, there are numerous hentai manga of sexual relationships between them and other characters.

In fact, the quantity of material of beloved female characters of famous TV shows is enormous. This includes characters of Western TV series. A simple Google search of the term “milftoon” would show on the very first page, not only original works of milftoon comics but also fan arts of different TV toons. Timmy’s Mom, from the Fairy Godparents, Marge Simpson, from The Simpsons, Jimmy’s mom, from Jimmy Neutron, Dexter’s Mom, from Dexter’s Laboratory… All of them appear on pornographic fan arts on the web. Most of the time, this kind of porn comic is heavily related to incestuous relationships between a mother and her child in both cultures.

Interesting enough, the differences between Japanese and Western milf toons do not stop at the issue with the age of the women. On Western culture, the MILFs are showed as the ones controlling the pace and duration of the sexual encounter. This occurs not only in conventional porn, but also in porn comics. The MILF is the one initiating the sex and the one who decides when and how the act will occur. On Japanese milftoon comics, the milftoon is regarded as a passive participant of the sexual intercourse. She is most likely a housewife, who is probably trying to conceive a child, and she is the recipient of the sexual desire of the young man that “perverts” her and convinces her to have sex. Western milftoons are experienced women who only seek good sex; Japanese milftoons are almost never like that. However, in the cases where the submissive oriental woman initiates the act, it is always shyly and with almost no expectations of succeeding.

Original works to show the difference between Japanese and Western milftoons.

As was stated above, the number of milftoon comics is very large. Here is a list of a random number of them without a particular order, taken from and ( specializes on hentai manga, and on Wester porn comics). Most of them follow the pattern described.


  • Mom knows best
  • Americunt Mom
  • Dennis The Trickster
  • Susans Downfall
  • Excausting
  • Grand Fuck Auto


  • Milky 1
  • Let’s make babies
  • Class reunion
  • Present-day pregnancy pursuit
  • Fantasy High Speed Vacation
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