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Knowing the erotic art of John Persons comics

The art of John Persons comics is dedicated essentially to interracial porn. Also, his works has an aspect 3D and the drawings are full of colors and marked lines that form part of his unique style. In that way, these kind of comics are focused in the body and the figure of the characters like big boobs, enormous ass, defined muscles or big dicks, in addition, the colors are carefully selected in order to find the prefect tone that shows the racial variety.

So, if you like this kind of porn cartoons that show the racial mixture between black and whites even Latin people, this category is for you. On the other hand, the drawings are very explicit since they show what happen inside the body for example when a big cock penetrates a horny girl.  John Persons comics are characterized by their exaggerated caricatures which exceed the real size.

The best interracial art of John Persons comics

The best interracial comics are made by John Persons, his 3D comics are focused in black dicks, sluts and a lot of anal sex. So, we will mention some works with the greatest sexual content selected for the fans of this kind of porn comics.

Thus, we recommend you to see the gif porn artwork from the great interracial artist John Persons in which appears Marilyn Monroe as sexy slutty blonde, masturbating to Barack Obama.

Other of our recommendations about these porn cartoons is one called “Plantation” in which you will see two slutty blondes having hard interracial sex with their black slaves at the plantation farm. These girls do delicious blowjobs and want to be penetrated for everywhere.

So, other interesting artwork of this artist is “Spooky Doo”. This is a pornographic version of the famous caricature called “Scooby Doo”. Hence, in this version you will see the beautiful Daphne and the smart busty Velma being fucked men with big black dicks but at the same time those sexy girls suck enormous dicks.

Nowadays you can find all the unpublished artworks of John Persons in internet, there are many works in websites of him when he was not a famous artist. There are many differences between the composition of the sketches of that time and the recent such as:  the color, the lines were thicker and the bodies were a little bit rigids, but anyway, his art is still amazing.



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