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The Erotic and Sexual Artwork Created by Jay Naylor

There are many artists in the pornographic world of the comics that compete for being the bets in this kind of art but Jay Naylor does not care about that because he is one of the most recognized artists in the porn community of comics.  So, Erotic comics are not just focused in sex between couples, it is more than a simplistic act. Therefore, this artist decided to impose his own style that goes beyond of traditional limits to create a style unique and different of the rest.

Hence, the artwork of this awesome illustrator is mainly focused in animal or better said in personified animal comics; also this kind of art is called furry. These works represent bunnies, cats, sexy puppies having sex, making blowjobs or masturbating between them.

So, many webpages have an exclusive category dedicated to Jay Naylor’s works. These categories offer the best and the most recent comic pages of this illustrator, but also if you want you can visit his official website.

Jay Naylor Biography

Jay Naylor is a furry artist who lives in Atlanta, Georgia. It is known to be a staunch supporter of objectivism, conservative policies, his interest in weapons, his solitary nature, and his distinctive design. Naylor’s favorite character is Fisk Black, who is also the main character (along with her sister Lucy Black) from his comic book, Better Days. Fisk is a black and white cat with a fondness for weapons; it can be found in the MUCK Tapestries.

What is furry art?

The most simple and intuitive meaning of furry art is the representation of humanoid figures with animal features: heads, tails, ears, fur and others. This is not the only case: can be included from all non-humanoid animals whose only anthropomorphic trait is his facial expression, dialogue, or emotions that can feel, to the complete opposite as human characters with ears and tails of animals attached to your body which is quite popular in anime fanart. Another popular theme in furry art is the transformation from human to animals and vice versa like happen with werewolves or other mythical creature or by science fiction devices.

Some works created by Naylor

Better Days: it is about Fisk and Lucy Black two fraternal twins growing in the state of Georgia, USA with their mother, Sheila. All Blacks are cats. The comic book is divided in chapters of variable length, each one shows a significant episode, and sometimes difficult, in the life of the Blacks. Fisk and Lucy also appear in Badly Drawn Kitties, Mat Sherer. Thus, the comic is known for its conservative view, like the controversial and sensitive approach, such as incest, the Vietnam War, racial affairs issues.

Original life: This is a sequel of the comic Better Days of the furry artist, Jay Naylor. In this comic we can see less serious issues than its predecessor, it tells the story of the Fisk and Elizabeth children (Janie, Thomas and Abigail) while living their lives, they pass through several things that any child would live (school, love, mental changes, etc). According to Jay Naylor, he prefers not address serious issues in this comic, in order to keep it fun.

What offers the official website?

The design of the webpage is very simple with an implementation of neutral colors. So it is classified in four principal links, those are: Original life, Better Days Archive, Sketch blog and adult catalog. Nevertheless, some works are not free and people have to pay for some sketch and the adult catalog. But, anyway, there is a lot of material of explicit nature that you can enjoy in this site.




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